The first secret of design is … noticing

8th September 2016
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To Do: Origami X-Wing

28th July 2016

Sharpen Images in Photoshop

9th May 2016

A very handy set of sharpening methods, the Lab colour was a new one for me!

Flossie Lewis on Growing Old

6th May 2016

I hope I can remember to have this outlook on life for the rest of my days.

40 Percent Rule

5th April 2016

“When your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re really only 40 percent done.” A Navy SEAL lesson told by Jesse Itzler.

Travel Mole Award for Best Accommodation Site

12th February 2016
Best Accommodation Award 2015 won ‘Best Accommodation Site’ in the Travelmole UK Web Awards, competing against and The Award recognises the site excels in the innovative approach to design, graphics, user experience and navigation.

A fantastic recognition and a true reflection of all our hard work!

Bowie Tribute

3rd February 2016

I created this to mark the passing of great musician and an all round nice guy (so I hear). You shall be missed.

What I do when I get a free evening

14th May 2015

We’ve just moved house and there’s plenty to get on with when I get back after work. Besides the usual of getting dinner, tiding the house/garden or getting out for a little jog. Every now and then I get to have a free evening. So I thought, I would share these moments in picture format.

  • forest_sketch
  • guardians_of_the_galaxy_vinyl
  • transformers_graphic_novel
  • jamesons
  • punchbag
  • lion
  • mass_effect
  • munny
  • rocket
  • night_photography

Battle Camp me

5th February 2015

I play a little Battle Camp with some friends, it’s a mobile game kinda of like a cross between World of Warcraft and Pokemon. Over lunch I decided to create a slightly customized and higher rez version of my character.

Maybe one day I’ll animate him.

You may think this is childish. Well my friend you’re probably right!

Learning Plexus in After Effects

25th January 2015

I spent two evenings this weekend playing around with Plexus in After Effects, and here are my results.


cottages4you Pets Video

12th January 2015

I’ve been trying to get this video done for a while now. You can think of it as an extra curricular video for work. I was given about three hours of GoPro footage to sift through. I picked out the best parts to create this short video of Oscar & Luna roaming around Malham Cove in Yorkshire.

I used Premiere Pro for editing, After Effect and Photoshop for the titles.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

29th August 2014

It finally happened. Yes I got nominated by my father-in-law. Lucky for Cathy and I we were both nominated by friends at the same time. Here’s our vid, we also donated to MNDA


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