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We were running without a website for a while. Metro was becoming its own entity apart from McCann Manchester. So far all the work we had done was off the back of McCann Manchester. We would be always treated internal as another department, but to the outside world we needed to look “like” an independent studio. We were positioned as real world digital specialist, a think tank and one stop shop for all your advertising needs.

We bounced around a few ideas, the main on being the site would be broken up into different areas in a world that you would travel around, adding gamification for navigation. Using a character that represented Metro (McCann Manchester’s little Bro) to make your way around the site.

Each client would have their own world/areas that showcasing our work, but that idea didn’t really have any consistency to me, it needed an underlying thread or theme that connected it all together as a website. After all we were creative geniuses, so we had to produce something visually stunning to flex our design skills, but also our technical ability.

Rather than moving around the world, how about the world being built around you?
I remembered a Super Fury Animals music video It’s not the end of the world? I now have my starting point and an idea to bring consistency to the site. Metro will be a “stage” to set for our clients, only adding the needs of our client. We could animate objects dropping/sliding/swinging in onto the stage, building it up bit by bit. Collaborating with the dev guys to get this interaction looking sweet.


The stage is set and now it is up to my collogues to finish the rest!

metro-opener metro-home metro-how

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